Instructor Training

All instructors for the Tai Chi for Health Institute have undergone training and verification by Dr Lam or his authorised Master Trainers.

Certified instructors are listed on The Tai Chi for Health Institute website, In order to maintain listing, for each programme taught, instructors must update certification every two years .

Instructors of the Tai Chi for Health Institute must hold :
  • Current Certification for each programme
  • Current First Aid Certificate
  • Public Liability Insurance

Master Trainers and Senior Trainers

Dr Lam has appointed highly experienced practitioners of Tai Chi as Master Trainers in countries throughout the world.

Master Trainers are authorised by Dr Lam to conduct Tai Chi for Health instructor workshops. They are assisted by Senior Trainers who conduct regional workshops to upgrade skills for instructors.

In Depth Workshops

Dr Lam travels the world lecturing and leading workshops to explore the depth of Tai Chi. These are aimed at broadening instructors' knowledge and experience of the forms, empowering them to communicate a deeper understanding of the art of Tai Chi.

International Recognition

Dr Lam's Tai Chi for Health programmes have been recognised by health professionals  and organisations all over the world.

CDC (Centres of Disease Control and Prevention USA) recommended Tai Chi for Arthritis on their official guide for falls prevention.

Arthritis Care UK and Arthritis Foundation USA support Tai Chi for Health programmes.

The ACC (Accident Compensation Commission) of New Zealand provides medical insurance and accident compensation.
The ACC worked with Dr Lam on a structured Tai Chi programme for falls prevention.  More than 25,000 people have attended these funded Tai Chi classes resulting in a reduction in government costs for treating injuries from falls.


There are many studies on the health benefits derived from practising Tai Chi. Research from various countries can be found on the Tai Chi for Health Institute website.

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