The Origins of Tai Chi

Originating in ancient China, literally translated Tai Chi Chuan means 'Supreme Ultimate Fist'. It has become the most popular of the internal martial arts.

Although originally Tai Chi was a form of training, nowadays it is practised mainly for its health benefits and has gained popularity with many millions of people throughout the world 

Many Styles and Forms

There are many styles and forms of Tai Chi. Each style has its own unique features although most of them share similar essential principles. These include the mind being integrated with the body, fluid movements, control of breathing and mental concentration.

The central focus of all these forms is to allow the qi or life force to flow smoothly and powerfully throughout the body.

Chen Style - is the oldest of the forms and includes fast explosive moves, jumps, kicks and stamping.

Yang Style - is the most widely known form in modern times. Its expansive fluid movements are easily recognised

Sun Style - is characterised by a higher stance, agile steps and it incorporates powerful Qi gong breathing.


Sun Style Tai Chi

Dr Lam has chosen Sun Style on which to base his world renowned health programme.

Sun Style was developed by Sun Lu T'ang, an expert in the internal martial arts and a respected classical  scholar.

Its unique 'follow step' and weight transference makes it particularly useful for improving balance. Qi gong breathing within this style has strong health giving powers which is effective for healing and relaxation.

These features make Sun Style particularly suitable for improving health and wellbeing.

Sun Lu Tang