Our aim is to promote the many benefits of Tai Chi and make it enjoyable and accessible to all.

We create a relaxed and positive environment, making the form easy to learn whilst exploring the depths of this ancient art.

This gentle form of exercise is relaxing and suitable for all ages and abilities. Our classes are tailored to suit the aspirations of participants.

Tai Chi for health instructors - Anne and Janice
Anne Crichton and Janice Green

Tai Chi for Health Institute

As Senior Trainers for the TCHI we are proud to share Dr Paul Lam's Tai Chi for Health programmes with you.

Dr Lam, a gold medallist at the 3rd International Tai Chi Competition in Beijing (1993), is a highly respected Tai Chi master, a medical practitioner, and an expert in Tai Chi for health improvement.  He established the Tai Chi for Health Institute to empower people to improve their health and wellness.

The demands of living are stressful for adults of all ages. Tai Chi is an enjoyable and physically active way to improve  your mental and physical response to stress. The breathing coordinated with body movements  promotes calmness and an inner sense of peace

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Tai Chi for Health Institute

Dr Paul Lam - Tai Chi For Health
Dr Paul Lam